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Beauty, Nature & ASMR

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Relaxing & Educational Videos by


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Nature is my calm.

I share relaxing & meditative videos.


I'm an accidental ASMRtist.

I create beauty & nature based soft spoken videos to help create calm & sleep


I make relaxing, educational &

beauty tip videos

I'm qualified beautician & lash tech from New Zealand.

I make beauty, ASMR & relaxation videos.

ASMR Merch

I like to share the tips & tricks of the beauty industry with you at home.

I have worked in a Spa, from home, and owned my own salon.

Because ASMR is for relaxation, PTSD and sleep I limit my ASMR videos to one ad

in the beginning of the video which limits the revenue I make off of these videos.

If you would like to show appreciation for the ASMR content I make you can

support my ASMR content by joining me on:

or sending a gift to via PayPal.

About Me

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