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Beauty Videos

I've been in the beauty industry for over 10 years.

As a student I enjoyed learning all of the

beauty & body treatments, including the

 science behind how everything works.

Over time my love for creating a comfortable,

calming atmosphere and attention to detail has meant

that I enjoy some beauty treatments more than others. 

I love facials and massage, eyelash extensions,

lash lifts, pedicures, body exfoliation treatments and so this tends

to be the type of content I create.

You can browse through a variety of my content

here or via my youtube channel.

Relaxation Treatment for Calm & Sleep | ASMR Relax

Relaxation Treatment for Calm & Sleep | ASMR Relax

Hey Dreamers 💗 This is a treatment created purely for relaxation, this video includes, facial massage, gua shua, head, neck & shoulder massage. Not many products are used in this video, keeping it pure and simple, focussing on deep relaxation & calm. No ads are placed mid-roll to in my ASMR videos to ensure relaxation is not interrupted. You can support me via a superthanks donation on this video via youtube, buymeacoffee, my patreon for early access viewing or purchasing merchandise. Links are below, all contributions of support are appreciated. Shop ASMR products on my website: You also can visit all my associated pages here: / galaxydreaming (Check out the pillow & hoodies) You can visit all my associated pages here: Video Chapters 0:00 - Facial Massage 9:15 - Gua Shua 18:40 - Neck & Shoulder Massage 26:46 - Gentle Shoulder & Neck Stretches Royalty Free Music is from Credit to music by Spheriá : Evening Improvisation (with Ethera) Our Journey Ends Here Don’t Forget Me (Alternative Version from 2018) Sorrow – My Love (Spheriá’s Rework) Aqua Euphoria (with Lucentia) (432 Hz) Music promoted by Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 Thank you for visiting my channel. For collaborations and business inquiries, contact me on: My Instagram: My Facebook: #asmrsleep #asmr #relax #sleep #insonia
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