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I've been in the beauty industry for over 10 years.

As a student I enjoyed learning all of the

beauty & body treatments, including the

 science behind how everything works.

Over time my love for creating a comfortable,

calming atmosphere and attention to detail has meant

that I enjoy some beauty treatments more than others. 

I love facials and massage, eyelash extensions,

lash lifts, pedicures, body exfoliation treatments and so this tends

to be the type of content I create.

You can browse through a variety of my content

here or via my youtube channel.

Natural Brown Russian Volume Lash Extensions feat. Stacy Lash
Lash & Brow Reconstruction Treatment | Shorts

Lash & Brow Reconstruction Treatment | Shorts

After a lash lift or brow lamination I use keratin oil on the lashes/brows. This is a new form of keratin treatment I have recently been using and love! This REVOLUTIONARY Protein Reconstruction Composition is a new keratin-infused lash and brow enhancement treatment that restores and nourishes eyelashes and eyebrows from the inside out! Available at Features: Perfect for application post-treatment for soft, nourished brows and/or lashes Promotes growth and adds more length, more height, more volume, more thickness, and more body Can also be used alone as a nourishing mask for damaged, weakened eyelashes and eyebrows in daily care Key ingredients: Collagen: Helps to restore the damaged structure of eyelash and eyebrows and increases their elasticity. Taramira Oil: The most powerful activator of eyelash and eyebrow. Nourishes and Strengthens the hair follicles. Aids in lash and brow growth. Tocopherol: Has a rejuvenating and restoring effect. Panthenol: Nourishes, strengthens, and thickens eyelash and eyebrows, makes them smooth. Coconut Extract: Has a restoring and protective effect. Hydrolyzed Keratin: Fills the voids of the hair with proteins, reduces porosity, so that the eyelash and eyebrows acquire shine and elasticity. Hyaluronic Acid: Provides deep moisturizing and nourishing of eyelash and eyebrows, restores the structure of the hair, stimulates growth, protects eyelash and eyebrows from adverse external effects. #keratin #browtreatment #lashtreatment