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I've been in the beauty industry for over 10 years.

As a student I enjoyed learning all of the

beauty & body treatments, including the

 science behind how everything works.

Over time my love for creating a comfortable,

calming atmosphere and attention to detail has meant

that I enjoy some beauty treatments more than others. 

I love facials and massage, eyelash extensions,

lash lifts, pedicures, body exfoliation treatments and so this tends

to be the type of content I create.

You can browse through a variety of my content

here or via my youtube channel.

Watch how easily I lift lashes with the Stacy Lash Perming Glue

Watch how easily I lift lashes with the Stacy Lash Perming Glue

What's one of the secrets to achieving the best lash lifts? Glue! You need a glue good enough to hold the lashes back but not so strong it's all stuck in the lashes at the end. I've been using Stacy Lash new formula glue for the last 2 months and I LOVE it. What's even better is that you can purchase the glue separately now instead of a whole lash lift kit. Here's the links to the products I used in this video. Products used in this video Amazon Affiliate link: Amazon Affiliate Lash Lift Kit link: Stacy Lash Amazon store: Stacy Lash Official website Thank you for visiting my channel. I now have ASMR merch :) available here: I can digital audio downloads available on my website here: my website: You also can visit all my associated pages here: For collaborations and business inquiries, contact me on: My Instagram: My Facebook: Song from the youtube audio library: Positive Fuse by French Fuse Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 0:35 - New Lash Perming Formula 0:59 - Washing the Lashes 1:22 - Eyepads 1:35 - Placing the Shields 2:31 - Tools to Stick Back Lashes 4:16 - Working the Lashes 4:58 - Solution 1 5:22 - Solution 2 5:58 - Lash Tint 6:25 - Lash Filler 7:15 - Final Clean 7:57 - Before & After 8:15 - Final Look #lashliftingkit #lashlift #lashlifting