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2 x Lash Master Mirrors

Introducing the Lash Master Mirror.   (RPR $15 each)

This mirror is a stick-on reflective surface which allows you to see what you are creating and styling at all times.  Just stick the mirror to the edge of the eye pad and watch your lash design come to life without stopping to pick up a mirror and check during the design process.  This re-usble mirror will allow for easier styling, viewing the lash rows from a new angle and assist with lash retention as you can see your lash placement from a new angle.    Easily move the mirror around the eye pad as you work.  Clean with hygienic spray.  Replace the base adhesive with double sided tape between clients (double sided tape is not included however the existing base is sticky for immediate use).  Perfect for beginner and advanced lash techs.

You will receive the mirror, instructions packaged in a holographic bag. 

Please note:
* This product is posted from New Zealand
* International postage can be high for small items therefore we have created FREE postage to anywhere in the world which is sent via standard envelope and can take 2-4 weeks to arrive, choosing free means your items is not tracked. 
* The price of the mirror does not include parcel tracking

2 x Lash Master Mirrors

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