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New! Online training is available

for Phâro Sugar Gel hair removal

Lash Brands I love

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Amazon Affiliate Products

I often make beauty videos. 

When I LOVE a product I can't help but share that with you in the video.

Some products you can buy on amazon.

If I can't find the brand I have I find a similar product on amazon 

so that you can purchase and experience the product for yourself.

This is my list of must have beauty products

Please note:  By clicking any of the links you will be taken to the Amazon Site

NZ Made:



Oseque Facial Products


Body Treatment favourites


Salon Equipment/Accessories Favourites








Calm & Sleep Assist

  • Scentered Sleep Well Aromatherapy Balm:

  • Clif High Pure Sleep:

  • Piping Rock extra strength Melatonin:

These products cannot replace any medication or professional treatment.

If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician.

More products I 💗

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